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We are all over the United States, The Prodigy Lending team has the best of professionals who are experienced and committed to providing nothing less than the best services to our esteemed clients. When it comes to all the mortgage needs, we have the right combination of many FHA home loan programs that will suit your financial needs. We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure they get the right loan options that will match well with their situation. If you are planning to get your dream home, or want to fund an existing loan, or consolidating of a debt, then all you need is our team of highly experienced professionals that will help you get the ideal loan program at reduced costs.

Choosing the Right mortgage

When it comes to the good side of conventional loans, here are some of the merits: 

  • The deposit rate is as low as 3% 
  • If you are considering the FHA home loans, the PMI is cheaper
  • There is more flexibility on the mortgage rates they range from 30, 20, 15 or even 10 years
  • Reduced interest rates 
  • The lender will not be charged at all

Why go for the FHA Home loans? 

  • Reduced deposit rate of 3.5%
  • Easy to qualify as the terms are easy
  • Exclusive interest rates
  • Can also access the Rehab loans


  • Expect a full financing percentage for VA’S (100%) 
  • Mortgage insurance will not be necessary 
  • Expect a reduced closing cost deal
  • Available for many as the requirements are flexible
  • The best option for those who need government loans. 


  • Complete financing is done
  • The down payment is not mandatory
  • The mortgage insurance cost is affordable for clients

We aim at creating a lasting legacy with our clients through the provision of quality services for a long time. We cannot be compared to other mortgage companies as we ensure that all your details have been kept secure. We have won trust throughout the lending community. Just in case you need clarification on the FHA loan requirements, contact us. We also have some resourceful tools on our site that you can use to reach to us. 

We have been in service for the last 17 years join us today.

We fully dominate in the United States

For the last 8 years we have settled on the top work places, through our level of experience and excellence, we feel proud to be accorded such honor. We are the leading FHA home loans program providers and simply identify the right terms for you. Everything depends on the market value; fill out the forms for more details.

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