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There are many mortgage companies in the United States. However, the services given by the Prodigy Lending Team are far beyond the norm. We provide exclusive services for all our clients with keen consideration to fair rates. We also have the right combination of mortgage FHA loan programs depending on you area of residence. Our team of experts always ensures they provide enough information to our clients basing on the kind of the FHA loan program they need to choose. When will you continue postponing the new home project? Well join our professionals for advice if you want to consolidate a debt or get a new loan. 

Features of the conventional loans

  • The down payment is as low as 3%
  •  The PMI is much reduced
  •  Flexible conditions in terms of payments (30, 20, 15 to 10 year mortgages)
  • The interest rates are much reduced
  • Lender fees is not included

Our FHA Home Loans 

  • The minimum deposit is 3.5%
  • Anyone can easily qualify for the loan
  • Interest Rates are affordable
  • One can also apply for the Rehab loans 


  • The financing is duly done. 
  • No Mortgage Insurance will be needed
  • Their closing costs are much affordable
  • Easy application process
  • Advisable for those who need a government loan


  • Financing is completely done to 100%
  • No need for down payment
  • The interest rates are much reduced
  • The mortgage insurance cost is affordable

Our main focus is to ensure that we sustain a mutual and lasting partnership with our clients, whom we cherish so much. We intend to do this for as long as we are in service. Much as we also have rival mortgage companies, our added advantage is that we carefully safeguard the interests of our clients b ensuring the information is well guarded from prying eyes. The aspect of privacy has made us to thrive on top as the most trusted lending institution in the United States. 

Why wait?

We have the most affordable mortgage rates we also have a number of our home loan branches which have been curtailed to meet the various needs of our diversified clients. If you need to get that new home, then we have all the options to help you get started. No need to fret about the ever dynamic economic trends, our mortgage rates are all updated with the current state of the market and it leaves no doubt that all our clients will benefit from all we have to offer. We are available, our dedication and professionalism will enable us choose the right mortgage options for all our clients. Feel at ease to fill out the forms as a gate way for a good deal ahead. 

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