Effective FHA Mortgage Loan, FHA Program & Home Loan In Ferris, TX

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Whichever part of the United States that you may be residing, the all time mortgage solutions from the Prodigy Lending team are as effective as ever. Apart from enjoying the benefit of reduced mortgage rates, you will also be exposed to a variety of home loan mortgage programs. It is therefore upon your collaboration with our experts that will finally lead you to a wise decision. When will you refinance that loan so that it can meet all your needs? Could you be in need of a new home? All these can be well solved with our experienced and knowledgeable loan staff that will direct you to land on the best loan option. 

More about the conventional Loans 

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose them: 

  • Low Down Payment of 3% 
  • Cost effective PMI 
  • Flexible payment terms of between 30, 20, 15 or 10 year mortgages
  • The interest rates are low
  • The lender charges are exclusive. 


  • The down payment is 3.5%
  •  Easy to apply and get approved
  • Reduced interest rates
  •  Accessibility of the Rehab loans
  •  Even those with huge debts can apply 


  • A full financing policy of up to 100%
  • No Mortgage Insurance needed
  • Lower closing costs 
  •  Easy to access the loan 
  • Has the best terms for a Government Loan


  • Financing is done in full 
  •  No down payment required
  •  Low interest rates
  • Lower Mortgage Insurance Cost

We always deliver with much attention to enhancing a cordial and permanent relationship with our clients. Today and even in future, our real intention is to make the difference. Other mortgage companies for instance do not safeguard the details of their clients much like we do. It is for the same reason that we have earned trust over the years. 

Make it a point to speak to our staff today we want to make the difference so real!

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It is possible for you to get approved today. The Prodigy lending company has been in operation for 17 years and has never looked back rather than giving exclusive services to our clients. For more than 8 years, we have won honorary awards that we are so proud of. It is now possible to purchase your home within you own timeline of interest. We have the best mortgage home loan rates that rhyme with the market changing trends. Above all, you will not decide alone, the experienced home loan officers will guide you step by step on the right options so that you remain comfortable and visualize your dreams. Once you have accurately filled our forms, we shall then start business as we send you a quote. 

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