Knowledgeable Lending Agency, FHA Mortgage Program & Home Loan Company In Euless, TX

What you need to know about Prodigy Lending Team in Euless, Texas 


Making decisions on the mortgage options can be overwhelming especially if you are planning it for the first time. Thanks to the Prodigy Lending experts who have gained experience over the years in the processing of all the mortgage needs for our esteemed clients. It feels wise and savvy to get the right home loan program that fits well in your financial needs this is exactly what our professionals do. They closely interact with the clients and find the suitable home loan program at cost effective rates. 


  •  The added benefit of 3% Down Payment 
  •  Reduced PMI 
  • Flexible terms of mortgages
  •  Low Interest Rates 
  •  Lenders are not charged


  • Lower Down Payment of 3.5% 
  • Easy to get an approval 
  • Exclusive interest rates 
  • Rehab Loans are equally processed
  • Debt To Income factors considered for one to qualify 


  • 100% Financing 
  • No Mortgage Insurance 
  • Reduced closing costs
  • Quick verification process
  • The ideal solution for government loans


  • Financing is done 100% for the loan applied for
  • Low down payment rates
  • Low Interest Rates for a full processed loan
  • Insurance Cost are reduced 

We have the desire to continue extending our well rated mortgage solutions to all our clients, we pride ourselves in protecting all the information given to us by our clients in the most secure way ever. It is easy to connect to our staff; you can call or make use of the available resources on our site.

17 years down the line 

Our Prodigy Lending Company has been on the limelight for close to 17 years, we have been highly ranked in the United States. We have been awarded for the last 8 years as the best private FHA home loan company and we treasure this gesture of recognition as it marks the epitome of our excellence in service delivery.

Need a refinance? 

Through our diversifies FHA home loan programs we can help our clients get a refinance. We also cater for those who want to have a new dream home through the financing of loans to meet their goals. Once they have held a direct interaction with the clients, our FHA home loan mortgage staff will then help you decide on the most ideal mortgage option. The dynamism that comes with the market value also affects the mortgage rates. However, our mortgage rates are updated and come at the most affordable rates than any other company can offer. We have the best laid strategies to meet all your mortgage needs all you need to do is call us. We are available throughout, and also have forms that you need to fill before we send you a quote.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more home loan information!