Capable FHA Home Loan, Mortgage Program & FHA Mortgage Loan In Desoto, TX

Traits you will find with all home loans offered by Prodigy Lending in DeSoto, Texas



DeSoto people are one among the luckiest people in the world. With the prodigy team transforming their lives for the better, they are so much guaranteed to secure the most reliable loans when the demand arises. The team is set to offer quality and efficient mortgage loans with comparatively lower rates, offering advisory services to all DeSoto folk concerning all that appertains to mortgage, payment and other benefits accruing from such lending. Our team is comprised of skilled professionals that will help you to decide on the right class of loan depending on your demands, be it the first time home buyers, those thinking of renewing their loan, etc. 

The various available loans you can choose from

First in the list is the Conventional Home Loans. This type is characterized by a very low down payment requirement which is at 3% and below, it also has very minimum interest fees upon application and these rates are subject to the credit scores. With the varying credit scores, it is therefore notable that the lending interest rates shall vary from person to person. Improve your credit scores and enjoy the lowest rates. The conventional home loans offer absolutely free application and in comparison with the FHA, its PMI is lower.

Following closely is the FHA loans which are also ideal for first time home buyers. Even with the higher PMI compared to the conventional home loan as pointed out above, the FHA loan has more ease when looking to get this loan. The ease of qualification notwithstanding, it has a low down payment of 3.5 %, low-interest rates, a higher debt to income for those interested and has a rehab loan.

VA loans have absolutely no mortgage insurance, has low costs of closing, attractive interest rates, with financing say 100% and just like in the FHA loans, it is very easy to qualify for the VA loans. 

Furthermore, there is a USDA loan available for any DeSoto who is interested. Unlike any other, it has no down payment, very low-interest and also has a low mortgage insurance cost and you will enjoy 100% financing when you choose this loan.

Our goals

We aim at fostering a long and lasting relationship with clients both now and in the future. Our core mandate is to ensure you are fully satisfied to continue working with us and even to refer others to us. For this, you can feel free to contact us at any time and on any day. 

We have been in the lending market for more than 17 years working closely with all citizens and ensuring their demand are well adhered to. We provide all current loans services and the sure guarantee is that you will find what is appropriate for you and your family. Visit us now for the most appropriate loans with very attractive rates.

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