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What you need to know about The Prodigy Lending Team In Plano, Texas


What you need to know about 

The Prodigy lending team is all over the United States. Looking for experienced professionals for all your mortgage needs? Then we have all it takes to provide exclusive services at reduced rates. Working with us is also an added advantage since we have a series of FHA mortgage loan programs that have been curtailed to fit within every client’s needs. The Coppell FHA loan programs for instance come handy for all the residents within the region. Do you want to purchase a new home of your dreams, are you in need to refinance an existing loan, or do you want to consolidate a debt, then look no further, we have the right combination of professionals who have acquired enough years of experience and will definitely meet all your needs just as you want them. All this is done at cost effective rates.

Finding the suitable mortgage loans

The real benefits are:

  • The down payment for the conventional loans is 3%.
  • Compared to the FHA loans, the PMI is cheaper
  • They come in flexible payment rates 
  • Have reduced interest rates than other mortgage programs 
  • Lenders are not charged 

With the FHA Home loans, the clients will benefit from:

  • A reduced down payment of 3.5%
  • The application requirements are manageable
  • The interest rates are fair
  • Clients can also make applications for Rehab loans 
  • The income to debt ratio policy is considered


  • Clients enjoy a full package financing
  • Mortgage insurance is not a Must have
  • The closing costs are cheaper
  • Easy to apply since the requirements are easily affordable
  • An added advantage for those who need a government loan.

 What about the USDA home loans?

  • Financing is funded 100%
  • No down payment needed 
  • Low cost on the mortgage insurance cost

It is our continued interest to provide a cohesive and lasting relationship with our clients. Apart from the exclusive services we provide, our clients will also benefit from our principle of privacy and security to every detail we get from them. This explains why we are known as the best lending community allover United States. Feel free to contact any of our professionals; you can also make use of the communication tools on our site. We are ready to work with you. 

The Prodigy Lending Experts have been in service for 17 years! Feel free to partner with the professionals today.

We pride in the Top Workplaces

Our company has worn these awards for 8 years and we feel proud to be recognized for such Excellency in service. We have the best rates, low rate mortgage FHA loans. 

Want the best rates for your home loans? 

We provide the best home loan programs that matches your needs, if you need a lower mortgage get our forms and work with us. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more home loan information!