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Frequently Asked Question by Borrowers About FHA Loan in Cedar Hill, Texas



FHA loan requirement

 It is next to impossible to find a loan program that lacks some requirements that must be satisfied by the prospective borrowers before they apply for the loan. FHA loan program has some requirements that borrowers must conform to apply for the loan successfully. However, some borrowers can get scared of requirements especially borrowers with credit issues, bankruptcy issues, bad employment record etc. that can make them have a bad attitude towards FHA loan. FHA loan have numerous requirements that are inevitable to borrowers, but some can be overlooked when the borrower is in apposition to explain his or her situation. Knowing the requirement of FHA loan program before applying to it is very crucial. In Cedar Hill, most lenders require the borrowers to have the following:

Steady employment record.

FHA loan program requires the borrower to have a consistent employment record for at least two years. But it is not a must to be the same employer.

Genuine social security number.

The borrower must have a valid social security number that reveals that you are a lawful permanent resident residing in Cedar Hill or the United States.

Down payment.

FHA loan program requires the borrower to make a down payment of 3.5% of the worth of the property. This can be awarded to the borrower by a family member if possible. But the lowest investment the borrower must have is 3.5 % on the transaction cost. 

Investment homes are not allowed.

FHA loan is only allowed for borrowers that want to buy homes that they want to occupy, not for investments. Therefore, borrowers that want to buy homes for renting or investment cannot secure FHA mortgage loan.

 The borrower must accept the property to be appraised by FHA approved appraiser. Therefore, borrowers that intend to apply for FHA mortgage loan in Cedar Hill that may have private property appraiser are not allowed. the property is only appraising by FHA satisfied appraiser

Credit score.

Most FHA mortgage lenders in Cedar Hill requires a minimum credit score of 580. But the best credit score should be 600 to enable the borrower to get approved very easily and very quickly.

Bankruptcy issues.

Most FHA loan lenders in Cedar Hill required the prospective borrower to have at least two years out of bankruptcy. Further more, the borrower must portray the ability restore from bankruptcy. However, some exception can be allowed due to the existence of a tough situation that is beyond the control of the borrower. But it is worth to note that it may attract the consideration of numerous factors that can be on a case to case basis.

 Last but not least its s evidence that FHA loan program in Cedar Hill has requirements that must be satisfied by borrowers to enjoy the benefits of FHA loan. FHA loan is specious mortgage loan that the above requirement should not scare you from applying for it. If they encounter any problem with the requirement, you can consult your FHA loan expert to guide you on how to overcome the problem.

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