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Traits you will find with all home loans offered by Prodigy Lending in Arlington, Texas


Ideal Option

Are you in need of a mortgage solution? We are better placed here in the United States. It doesn’t matter which mortgage solution you need, our team has a combination of loan programs at affordable rates. Our professionals are well known for their experience and take pride in holding one on one discussion with our clients to ensure they help you land on the best deal. You will need these professionals in the event where you want to buy a dream home, refinance an existing loan or have craving to buy a first home. Our professionals will help you get the suitable loan program at the most convenient rates.

Which is the right mortgage program for you, here is a variety of what we offer:

The conventional loans

  • The down payment is as low as 3% 
  • The PMI is low in comparison to the FHA loans
  • The mortgage payment rates are well spread from 10,15 to 30 years
  • The interest rates are low
  • No costs for lenders


  • The down payment is 3.5%
  • The client can also integrate the Rehab loans. 
  • The application process is easy and fast
  • Interest rates are low


  • A complete financing structure for VA’S
  • No need for the Mortgage insurance
  • The closing costs are favorable
  • High chances for loan approval
  • The right bet for those who need the government loans


Financing is comprehensively done 

  • No down payment 
  • The mortgage insurance cost is affordable
  • Reduced interest rates

We do provide the best services to our clients; we have the urge to do this for a long time. Once you partner with us, you can be guaranteed of privacy and security of all your details unlike other mortgage providers who expose their clients. We are the ideal option when it comes to mortgage providing solutions. Feel free to contact us today.

It is now 17 years and our services still stand out. Do you want to verify your approval? Get started. 

For 8 YEARS, Prodigy Lending Home loans has been awarded as the Top Work Places, we strive for nothing less than excellence.

The best rates

We have reduced rates, our mortgage rates depend on the market status, and we therefore give the most recent rates. We give the right FHA home loan program depending on the needs of the client. If you want a new home, feel free to get to us, we have the best FHA mortgage loans in Arlington and beyond. Our rates are current and affordable. Whether you want to buy or need a refinancing process, then fill out our available forms and expect a quote.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more home loan information!