Month-to-month prepayments keep inching up

UBS urges jury to reject self-proclaimed whistle-blower’s story A lawyer for UBS Group AG urged a New York jury to reject the tale of a former senior commercial mortgage-backed securities strategist who claimed he was fired for refusing to let the Swiss bank’s traders influence his research reports.

 · Superior Court weighs in on landlord’s charging last month’s rent in advance. Labeling a prepayment as “last month’s rent” won’t change the calculation: In the first year of the lease prepayments equivalent to two month’s rent is the maximum that may be charged, and in subsequent years that amount is reduced to the equivalent of one month’s rent.

A landlord might have plans to sell the apartment, and doesn’t want prepaid rent to hold up the deal. According to your state’s real estate laws, the buyer and seller must honor an existing lease agreement. A landlord who accepts prepaid rent from a tenant in a month-to-month lease has in fact extended the lease term that now has to be honored.

But if your credit isn’t great, you’ll still have to pay a deposit, so you might as well go prepaid, and avoid the credit and deposit issue completely, rather than signing up for a month-to-month plan that requires a credit check. Happily, prepay electric plans are pretty price-competitive with month-to-month plans that require credit checks.

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Accrual adjusting entries are needed monthly only if a company issues monthly financial statements. Two reasons for the monthly accrual adjusting entries are: To record the expenses and liabilities which were incurred during the month, but the transactions had not been recorded in the accounts as of the end of the month.

We will continue to carefully monitor our selling, general and administrative expenses as we work within current budgetary limits leading up to the full commercial. We review our cash needs and.

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Prepayments – What are prepayments? Prepayments are payments that have been made but the benefits of which are not taken by the company until the period or year end. It’s easy to keep track of income and expenses with debitoor invoicing software. Whether you use accrual or cash accounting. Try it free for 7 days.

Preparation of month-end accruals ensures that revenues match expenses in the same accounting period. This is called the matching principle and the accrual method of accounting. Any company that uses the accrual method of accounting will follow this rule. An accrual entry should happen during the month in which the.

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